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Turn your tattoo design ideas into reality by having it designed by some of the best online tattoo artists from around the world. Our online tattoo designers are hand picked by us for their quality of work, unique design styles and professionalism. Ensuring you get the tattoo design you request – turning your ideas into reality.

  • A UK and Worldwide talent pool of online tattoo artists
  • Design country-specific tattoo such as Celtic, native American and more!
  • Connect with an online tattoo artists that specialise in designing your tattoo idea!
  • Be 100% satisfied with your tattoo design with unlimited revisions!

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Absolutely love my tattoo design!!. The designer I worked with did everything I asked for and more, it’s like she read my mind. All I need now is to find somewhere to get it done.

Martin F -

Had an excellent experience with Bespoke Tattoos. My designer kept me informed at each design stage and created a tattoo close to what I originally had in mind. Would recommend their service to anyone who needs a custom tattoo designed.

David M -

How much will my custom design cost?

This will depend on the level of complexity, detailing and the number of revisions needed.

The average time you can expect from the initial sketch to the final tattoo design can range from as little as 5 to 10 working days.

We work on your tattoo design until your 100% satisfied with the result and take as much time needed to get everything just right.

Will my tattoo design be 100% custom?

Yes! all the tattoo designs that bespoke tattoo creates is 100% custom artwork produced by some of the best tattoo designers around the world.

No clip art or copied designs are ever produced and all our customers are guaranteed to have their own tattoo design that will never be produced again.

What types of payments do you accept?

We currently accept payment by the following methods:

  1. PayPal credit
  2. Debit or credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express

What is the design guarantee?

The design guarantee is a simple promise that Bespoke Tattoos will do everything it can to create and bring to life a tattoo that our customer visions.

We promise the following:

  1. That we will only match the most suitable designer who specialises in the customers desired tattoo.
  2. That all designers that Bespoke tattoo work with are the best at their type of design style.
  3. That all the work we produce is 100% custom tattoo designs and never copied or used again in other artworks.
  4.  The tattoos we design are of the highest quality our designers can produce
  5. That we will work with our customers to create a tattoo that is in line with their vision as closely as possible.

Can you design any type of tattoo?

We partner with a huge database of hand-pick designers from around the world to prude the most professional tattoo designs around.

This enables Bespoke tattoos to connect with the right designer for the job and produce a huge array of tattoo designs from Chinese, Japanese, Korean styles to south American tattoo styles.

No matter what type or size of the tattoo you need, Bespoke Tattoos are able to turn your vision into reality.

What is the design process?

Here at Bespoke tattoos, we have created five simple steps to turn your tattoo ideas into reality.

  1. The sketch Phrase – In the initial stages, our designer will take a look at our customers’ design brief and will communicate directly with them via email or live chat sessions to ensure they have all the information they need to create a sketch.
  2. The design phrase – Once the sketch has been approved by the customer the designer will then will create the full detailed tattoo based upon customer feedback.
  3. The revision stage – When the tattoo is complete the customer is given the chance to review the work and make any amendments or small changes needed to everything just right.
  4. The final Tattoo – Now the tattoo has been approved by the customer our designers will work on creating all the print ready files.
  5. The Final Stage – In this stage, our designer will present all the high-quality tattoo image files along with alone with a final email of thanks.


How do I get started with Bespoke Tattoos?

Simply fill-out the tattoo requestion form on the website and one of our design experts will review your requirements.

We will then match this up with a tattoo designer we feel will produce a tattoo that matches your requirements.

Then we will send you an email with the design plan and payment link to start the design process.

Who will be designing my tattoo?

Bespoke tattoos have a talent pool of top tattoo artists from around the world hand-picked by us for their brilliant design work and professionalism.

Each tattoo designer specializes in their own style of design and we select only the best candidate for your unique tattoo idea.

How much will my custom tattoo design cost?

Each tattoo we design is unique in design, detail, and complexity.  Our customers are given a price quotation based upon the hours it takes to complete, the level of detailing and the overall size of the design.

Please see our price table as a guide to how much you could expect to pay for your tattoo design.

What is the money back guarantee?

The money back guarantee offers customers of Bespoke tattoos a 100% refund of any project fees under the following circumstances:

  1. Bespoke tattoo fails to produce a tattoo that the customer desires after multiple attempts in the first sketch stage
  2. The customer wishes to cancel the tattoo design project in the early design stage.
  3. The Tattoo designer working with the customer fails to deliver the Tattoo design promised between them.

*Please be aware that once the tattoo design goes past the first initial sketch stage no refunds will be given.*  During the initial sketch stage, the customer works with the tattoo designer to get everything just right before moving onto the more detailed/coloring phrase to produce the final product.

Can you redesign or add on to a current tattoo design I already have?

Yes, we can do this definitely!. We would need clear picture shots of the current tattoo design and any reference pictures/sketches. Just use the form below and one of our design experts will be in touch with you to discuss it.

How will I communicate with my tattoo designer?

Once you have been assigned a professional tattoo designer who as the skills to turn your particular type of tattoo into reality, he or she will communicate directly with you via email.

In the design phase or the later revision stage, the designer might open a live chat session with you to discuss your needs faster. You will be invited to this live chat session via a link emailed to you.

You will then be able to communicate in real time with your designer.

Send us your tattoo idea using our tattoo submission form and one of our friendly tattoo experts will turn your vision into reality.

Our expert tattoo artists will take a look at your tattoo idea and offer a fair price that reflex’s the level of design work needed.

Once you receive the quotation, you simply make your deposit and you’re ready to get started to work along the selected tattoo artist. 

Once your Bespoke Tattoo Design is complete and you are happy, we will send all the promised files and offer any advice needed.


Small single Tattoo design

Body part: Ankle, wrist, neck

Estimated Delivery time:  2 to 4 days

   2-3 inches of skin


These Tattoos usually consist of simple designs with a small amount of detail. This can be a crab, butterfly, skull, flower or a script tattoo that perfectly fits your chosen area.



Large single Tattoo design

Body part: Chest, Back, Sleeve

Estimated Delivery time: 7 to 10 days

   3/4 of skin area


These Tattoos usually consist of detailed, complex and colour chest, back or full sleeve tattoos. This could be a character, zombie or a Japanese tattoo that perfectly fits your chosen area.



Medium single Tattoo design

Body part: Arm, Leg, back

Estimated Delivery time:  5 to 7 days

   1/4 of skin area


These Tattoos usually consist of a more detailed and complex arm, leg or back tattoo. This could be a dragon, tribal or a religious tattoo that perfectly fits your chosen area.


Money Back Guarantee


We pride ourselves on excellent quality tattoo design services and connect our customers with some of the top tattoo designers we have hand-picked to create beautiful tattoo designs.


We give our customers unlimited tattoo revisions at the first sketch stage, this is to ensure it is in line with their vision before moving onto the other detailed stages.


Our 100% money back guarantee gives our customers the chance to get their money back if things didn’t work out as expected at the initial sketch stage.

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Send us your tattoo idea today and let us turn your vision into reality. Our team of expert tattoo designers are here to help with any question you may have. Use the tattoo form to submit your tattoo idea and get a no obligation price on your tattoo vision –  get started today!.